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Airport Taxi, Airport Transfer, Transfer Dublin Airport, Airport Transfer Dublin,

Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe

So where actually is Eastern Europe? Or the question should rather be: what is Eastern Europe? Is it a state, a country, a province? A mythical land covering eastern fringes of European continent (is it in Europe at all?) a land of dark, misty and mysterious forests, shanty villages with wooden thatched-roofed houses lost somewhere in between pools of steaming swamps, where no paved road is to be found but rather a winding muddy track sporadically travelled by a lonely, primitive, pitifully squeaking horse-drawn carriage driven by a blind-drunken long-bearded, sheep-fur-coated individual, painstakingly shrouded with mist of garlic smell anytime from early autumn through to late spring and followed by a cloud of countless flies in the summer, mumbling curses and spitting saliva moulded with tobacco through the gap in his teeth.

It’s a land of constant darkness, war and endless winter where people are poor, stupid, mean and (don’t forget this one!☝🏻) homophobic living primitive, barbaric life in backward, time-warped, patriarchal communities of hunters-gatherers following their primitive and long forgotten in civilised world beliefs (Well, at least according to what leftists activists form Western Europe say and as we know that don’t lie!)

So where is Eastern Europe? What area it covers? What are its borders? What language is spoken in Eastern Europe? What is its capital city? Are there any cities at all in Eastern Europe or rather just chaotic quasi urban settlements sprawling between potatoes and beet-root fields?
Does it exist at all? Undoubtedly it does!

Listen to any media in civilised part of Europe – that is Western Europe of course – they will tell you all about it. Western media is full of Eastern Europeans – usually when reporting fatal road accidents.
But if you want to learnreal stuff about Eastern Europe you just have to watch some of the movies – for example ‘Hostel’ – true story based on facts or ‘Road Trip’ – it just show how poor those guys are, you take couple of bucks with you, exchange it and you party like Great Gatsby for days to come.

Basically you don’t need to use any public transport over there (if there is any public transport) you can travel by taxis all around. They are dirt cheap.

Sometimes however there might be a problem getting one.

You stand on the street with you hand in the air, yelling: taxi! taxi!! taxi!!! but they look at you with derision pretending they don’t understand you – that’s how mean they can be over there.
Apparently Eastern Europe consist of numerous different countries but honestly who would bother to remember their names anyway. They all probably broke off Russia at some stage. Otherwise Churchill and Roosevelt wouldn’t surrender them to Stalin after II world war – it would be terrible betrayal, wouldn’t it?

Never mind history it is all back in the past and it can’t be changed.
But if you decide to travel to Eastern Europe anyway what would be the best way to get around?

Well, by any means don’t try their local public transport. Taxis are the most convenient and most popular among those brave enough to travel that savage and still uncharted and virginal land. Even long distance transfer wouldn’t be a serious dent to your budget.
Travel to Eastern Europe – all you need is a bit of a courage and a comfy taxi!

Airport Taxi, Airport Transfer, Transfer Dublin Airport, Airport Transfer Dublin, Eastern Europe
Eastern Europe

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