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Travel with Transfercabs for Christmas

Travel exciting with Transfercabs for Christmas 2021

Travel exciting with Transfercabs for Christmas 2021


Pre-holiday time is the time of increased traffic and more people in all means of transport. It is a time of visiting families and friends, going on vacation, shopping or for business purposes. There is a buzz and noise at stations and airports, everyone is in a hurry to reach their destination.

Choosing Travel with us is the easiest and safest way to get to your home or hotel this Christmas for you, your family or your friends. By choosing TransferCabs You have a guarantee that the car is disinfected and nobody has driven it a moment ago. You will spend the whole journey in a pleasant atmosphere, having contact only with the driver. You decide when you want to start your journey, we guarantee that one of our drivers will be waiting for you. We will contact you the day before the date of travel and ask if your plans have changed and we will do it in the way you choose – using e-mail, text message of the selected messenger or telephone contact. We’ll make a stop on the way if you need it and help you choose this spot, no extra fees.

Although cities are glowing with festive lights, shops inviting into their warm and cosy interiors, streets sparkling and filled with pre-Christmas buzz and excitement weather in contrast is usually mean and unpredictable this time of the year. Driving wind, sleet and snow, horizontally falling rain instead of silently and gently falling snow flakes (exactly like in one of those Christmas video clips) can spoil all the fun, joy and excitement. There must be some way to escape all those unfitting and unnecessary elements.

Forget about the public transport, forget those overcrowded buses with steamy windows, trains where you travel with your face flat on the widow pane trying desperately to take your breath just like the fish that’s just pulled out of the water.
Instead check out how smooth you trip back home or to your hotel might be with one of our cars.

Just settle comfortably in, seat back, relax and simply enjoy your ride.

We’ll take care of the rest. You might even get 10% discount on your return trip as a Christmas/New Year’s bonus.


Travel with Transfercabs for Christmas


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